Yogacharya (LATE) Shri. C.Mahadev bhatt, of Bombay !

Smt. Rangamma bhatt (1921),  Shri. C.M.Bhatt (1913-1988)


Shri. Chitradurga mahadev bhatt, hails from Chitradurga, Old Mysore state.

He was the second son of Shri. Gunda jois, noted Astrologer, and the local priest, was a  Sanskrit scholar. Young Bhatt, (his name was Chi. mahadev jois, then) was sent to Mysore, to learn Sanskrit, at the Sanskrit pathashala at the tender age of 12  !

Chi. Bhatt was a very studious student with magnetic memory, learnt Sanskrit and Yoga as well. Soon he taught Sanskrit at :

1.The University college,

2. Arasu school,

3.  Shri. Ramakrishna ashram,

4. and as well at The Sanskrit Pathashala.

Maharaja of Mysore, was a  great patron of Arts and culture. He sent young Bhatt along with his guru, Shri. Krishnamacharya, to North India to propagate the knowledge of  Yoga. Similarly, to Bombay also.

Shri. H.V. Gopalaiah (1878)

editor_1503483622_IJ8kARse kk

In 1935 Shri. Bhatt, married a girl named, Chi. Sow. Rangamma, of Holalkere town, 20 miles away from Chitradurga.

During 1938, Bhatt went to Bombay, and demonstrated Yogic exercises at Dadar, in the Fund collection drive, in curing Tuberculosis ~ This was in the year 1938 !

-Courtesy : Bombay chronicle, 1938


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